The easy way to make animation every day!

Make Animation the Easy Way!

RiBLA Studio is a tool that lets you make short, 15-second anime videos in VR. Place props, act out the character’s movements, be the cameraman, whatever you need to do to make your dream come to life!

Included Assets

RiBLA Studio comes with 2 character models, and a ton of props, backgrounds, and motions for you to use to make your videos.

There are limits to how many of a single asset type can be placed simultaneously.
● Characters: Two characters can be placed simultaneously.
● Props: 5
● 3D Backgrounds: 1
● 2D Backgrounds: 5
● Animations:5
● BGM:1
User voice recording is not supported.
Also, only backgrounds can be imported by the user. Other types of data are not supported.

Licensed Assets

Soon, you’ll be able to create using assets from your favorite anime and games!

Share Your Videos With the World

Upload your videos to YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook to show the world your creation.


You can also use your own background images in RiBLA Studio.